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Addressing the unmet needs of prostate cancer patients

Dr Carolyn Mazariego-Jones has today been awarded a Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Young Investigator grant to study the unmet needs of prostate cancer patients and their partners, and strategies for how to address them.  

Australia has one of the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world with over 16,700 men expected to be diagnosed this year. Due to improved detection and diagnosis, the number of men surviving long after diagnosis has been steadily increasing, but for many men their quality of life can be affected. 

Dr Mazariego-Jones has been investigating the supportive care needs of long-term prostate cancer survivors and their partners by surveying men enrolled in the NSW Prostate Cancer Care and Outcomes Study. In research published in 2020, Dr Mazariego-Jones found that over one third of long-term Australian prostate cancer survivors need more supportive care than they are getting.  

Dr Mazariego-Jones said “We know the most frequently reported unmet needs are related to comprehensive cancer care, including lack of medical team coordination and control over the treatment process. Another common concern is ongoing problems with sexual function.” 

“With this funding, we’ll further investigate unsatisfied needs and ask men and their partners to talk to us about how we can best help them meet these needs” added Dr Mazariego-Jones. 

Read more about our Prostate Cancer Stream. 

Congratulations Carolyn! 


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