Streams of work

The Daffodil Centre is a leading research centre on cancer control and policy – providing timely and relevant evidence to national and international policy-makers to inform best-practice decision-making in cancer control. We are focused on reducing the incidence, morbidity and mortality associated with cancer and on improving the quality of life of people with a cancer diagnosis.

Working across four research hubs are several collaborative streams of research.

Breast Cancer Policy and Evaluation

This stream of work is building evidence on the benefits, potential harms and costs of different approaches to optimise early detection and treatment of breast cancer and ultimately save more lives.

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Cancer-Patient Population Projections

This stream of research will determine the projected number of patients of cancers of the colorectum, breast, lung, multiple myeloma, melanoma and pan-tumour biomarker related cancers over the next five years.

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Cervical Cancer and HPV

This stream has helped to lead the global agenda on cervical cancer elimination and made a significant contribution to both national and international policy development for cervical cancer control.

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Lung Cancer Policy and Evaluation

This stream is providing an evidence base for improving and sustaining tobacco control, optimising and implementing lung cancer screening, identifying effective and cost-effective lung cancer therapies, and ensuring equity in lung cancer care. 

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Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling plays an increasingly important role in cancer control by helping to identify the most impactful and cost-effective ways to reduce the burden of cancer at a population level.

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Melanoma and Skin Cancer

This multidisciplinary research stream works across the skin cancer control continuum including aetiology, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

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Ovarian Cancer

This multidisciplinary stream of research is focused on informing policy and improving the way healthcare is delivered for women with, and at risk of, ovarian cancer. 

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Prostate Cancer

This stream is investigating all aspects of prostate cancer detection and patient care, including testing, active surveillance for men at risk and survivorship for men living with a diagnosis.

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Research Methods

This stream combines epidemiology, genetics, health services, and health economics research and uses statistical methods to provide robust evidence to inform cancer control and healthcare and policy planning for the future.

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