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Research Methods

The Research Methods Stream provides statistical advice and collaborative support to staff and students within the Daffodil Centre. We also consult and work with other researchers and external partners. We aim to improve the quality, efficiency and impact of the Centre’s research through the provision of biostatistical advice, consultancy and collaboration at all stages of the research process, be it with concept development, grant application, study design, protocol development, planning, data collection, analysis and reporting.

The stream provides analytical, methodological and systematic literature review expertise across the Daffodil Centre’s four research hubs and programs delivered by Cancer Council NSW.

Current areas of research focus include:

Identifying cancer journey patterns to inform change and improve outcomes 

Cancer is a complex set of diseases, diagnosed and treated within a complex health system. While no one person’s cancer journey will be the same as another’s, large-scale datasets can provide the opportunity to uncover patterns in diagnostic pathways, care and outcomes across populations. By analysing large-scale datasets, patterns and potential inequalities in cancer outcomes are identified.

Estimating the future burden of cancer 

By analysing trends in cancer incidence and mortality, the team is using statistical methods to make projections of future incidence and mortality. As well as providing evidence for policy makers to assess future health priorities, the findings can be used to evaluate the impact of potential cancer control interventions.

Research Team

Clare Kahn

Project coordinator – Editorial support

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