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Daffodil Centre researchers awarded Sydney Cancer Partners ‘Seed Grants’

The successful recipients of the Sydney Cancer Partners Pilot Study and Seed Grant schemes have been announced. Two Daffodil Centre researchers are among those awarded funding.

Professional staff photo of Dr Rachael Dodd
Dr Rachael Dodd

Dr Rachael Dodd

Senior Research Fellow

“Shifting clinical practice in the management of screen-detected abnormal cervical cells for women aged 25-40: could we start offering active surveillance?”

Dr Rachael Dodd is a behavioural and implementation scientist. Regular testing (i.e., active surveillance) appears to be a new safe alternative to surgical treatment for grade 2 abnormal cervical cells, avoiding risks associated with surgery. This project will investigate the acceptability of offering the choice of active surveillance instead of immediate surgery for women aged 25-40, among potential patients and clinicians managing their care. It will seek to identify key barriers and facilitators, the potential psychological impact, and the decision-making processes for implementation of an active surveillance protocol for women diagnosed with grade 2 abnormal cells.

Professional staff photo of Dr Nicola Meagher
Dr Nicola Meagher

Dr Nicola Meagher

Research Fellow

“Utilisation of publicly funded PARP inhibitors in ovarian cancer in New South Wales: a population-based study.”

Dr Nicola Meagher is an early career ovarian cancer epidemiologist at the Daffodil Centre and a member of the Australia New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group Ovarian Tumour Type Working Group. This seed grant will enable a population-based analysis of the utilisation of an important targeted therapy now available to many patients with ovarian cancer – olaparib. Through a collaboration with the Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines Intelligence led from UNSW Sydney, Dr Meagher will analyse the patterns of use of olaparib using Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) linked data. Following PBS, listing there is a need to understand the uptake and outcomes of cancer medicines in routine care, to help inform policy and clinical decision making.


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