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Nicola Meagher (BMedSci, MPH, PhD) is an early career researcher working at a national and international level to improve outcomes for patients with ovarian cancer. During her PhD, Nicola’s work made substantial contributions to the understanding of a rare subtype of ovarian cancer – mucinous ovarian cancer, through changes to the clinical diagnostic guidelines and characterisation of prognostic biomarkers. Nicola’s current research covers three key areas:


  1. Using large epidemiological datasets such as the OC3 (Ovarian Cancer Cohort Consortium) to explore a role for aspirin in the clinical management of ovarian cancer.
  2. Examining publicly funded genetic testing and treatment practices for patients with ovarian cancer in Australia, potential inequities, and projecting costs and patient outcomes.
  3. Examining differences in ovarian cancer risk and survival by racial and ethnic groups to identify potential disparities.


Nicola’s memberships include the Australia and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) Ovarian Tumour Working Group, the National Cancer Institute Cohort Consortium Associate Member Council and Chair of the Health Precincts Biobank Research Access Committee. Within the Daffodil Centre, Nicola is a member of the Equity Working Group, and leads mentoring initiatives for higher degree research students and early career researchers.

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