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Hub 2: Improving outcomes for people at higher risk of cancer

The Daffodil Centre’s world-leading cancer control research includes risk-based approaches to prevention, screening and early detection as well as whole-of-population interventions. Research is focused on strengthening approaches to cancer control in people at higher risk of cancer.

Our researchers are working on:

  • Identifying women at increased risk of ovarian cancer and strategies for prevention and cancer control
  • Optimising detection and management of hereditary cancers, including cancers related to Lynch Syndrome
  • Understanding the role of direct-to-consumer genomic testing including, public perspectives and assessment of the benefits, harms, and health system demand
  • Tailoring melanoma screening and surveillance according to individual risk
  • Investigating the potential impact, cost-effectiveness and implementation of new strategies for lung cancer screening in high risk people in Australia and other high-income countries
  • Developing cancer risk prediction models for validation and evaluation.

Streams of work connected to this hub

Breast Cancer Policy and Evaluation

This stream of work is building evidence on the benefits, potential harms and costs of different approaches to optimise early detection and treatment of breast cancer and ultimately save more lives.

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Genomics and Precision Health

Integrating individual and population-level genomic, lifestyle, and medical information for successful precision health: tailoring the right intervention and support to the right population at the right time.

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Lung Cancer Policy and Evaluation

This stream is providing an evidence base for improving and sustaining tobacco control, optimising and implementing lung cancer screening, identifying effective and cost-effective lung cancer therapies, and ensuring equity in lung cancer care. 

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Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling plays an increasingly important role in cancer control by helping to identify the most impactful and cost-effective ways to reduce the burden of cancer at a population level.

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Melanoma and Skin Cancer

This multidisciplinary research stream works across the skin cancer control continuum including aetiology, prevention, early detection, diagnosis, treatment and survivorship.

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Ovarian Cancer

This multidisciplinary stream of research is focused on informing policy and improving the way healthcare is delivered for women with, and at risk of, ovarian cancer. 

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Research Methods

The stream provides analytical, methodological and systematic literature review expertise across the Daffodil Centre’s four research hubs.

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