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Hub 4: Advancing research and modelling methods

Large-scale cohort studies with many thousands of people allow us to research different aspects of cancer in more detail than ever before. The research is focused on the development and adaptation of methods for analysing large, linked datasets, modelling and conducting systematic reviews, as well as developing new methods for understanding patients’ perspectives, and considering new ways to involve the community in research.

Our researchers are working on:

  • Developing new and improved methods for building and calibrating healthcare models
  • Developing and enhancing our Policy1 microsimulation models​
  • Predicting future trends in cancer incidence and mortality​ through statistical analyses
  • Developing methods and applications for the analysis of large, linked datasets including, the 45 and Up Study​
  • Applying robust methods to systematically review literature to address important public health and policy issues
  • Developing and applying new implementation science methods for translating research findings into action
  • Developing new methods for understanding patients’ perspectives
  • Considering new ways to involve the community in research.

Streams of work connected to this hub

Mathematical Modelling

Mathematical modelling plays an increasingly important role in cancer control by helping to identify the most impactful and cost-effective ways to reduce the burden of cancer at a population level.

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Research Methods

The stream provides analytical, methodological and systematic literature review expertise across the Daffodil Centre’s four research hubs.

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Tobacco Behaviour Change and Implementation

Smoking is the most important preventable risk factor for ill health in Australia, with over 9% of Australians still smoking. Nearly two in three smokers will die prematurely because of their smoking with the harms associated with smoking inequitably distributed in the population.

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