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Dr Karen Chiam graduated in 2010 with a PhD in Medicine and since then, has been involved in prostate cancer research for more than 10 years. Her past research experience includes research that is focused on identifying new and/or improved biomarkers and treatment therapies in cancer. Karen is passionate about translating her experience in medical research to real-world changes. To pursue this, she is now focusing on public health research to better understand the needs of prostate cancer patients and what actions are needed, to make a positive impact to their lives.

Her current research includes the use of large population cohorts to understand the patterns of care in men leading up to their prostate cancer diagnosis and during their disease management in Australia. The purpose is to identify and address the issues in the care provided to patients. Her work also involves the evaluation of current evidence on new strategies and technologies in prostate cancer, to understand the potential benefits and harms of these new interventions when implemented in clinical practice.

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