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Nehmat is a clinician researcher and a public health physician, and Professor of Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine and Health – she leads the Breast Cancer Clinical and PH research program. She has worked as a clinician in breast diagnostics for around 30 years (and currently consults at Royal Hospital for Women). She is an internationally recognised expert in evaluation of breast cancer screening and specifically new technologies in screening, pre-operative staging, and investigating the effect of testing on clinical outcomes. Her work has included prospective trials and cohort studies, and she has co-authored international guidelines in both early and advanced breast cancer. (Prof Houssami has ~290 peer-reviewed publications), she has co-edited two books on breast screening, and is co-Editor of the international journal Breast.

Nehmat is the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s (NBCF) first 10-year Chair in Breast Cancer Prevention. This significant $5million grant will enable her to implement a long-term research program designed to address several areas in screening and prevention to contribute to NBCF’s mission of ending deaths from breast cancer.

She co-Chairs the CRN’s Artificial Intelligence in Cancer Care (AICC) group, is a member of Sydney Catalyst’s T2/T3 Working Group, and a member of European School of Oncology’s Breast Faculty. She was the National Breast Cancer Foundation’s inaugural Cancer Research Leadership Fellow (2016-20) and currently holds a NHMRC Investigator (Leader) grant to continue her research in population breast cancer screening (2021-25). She has collaborated with population breast screening programs internationally and in Australia in numerous large-scale studies. She is a member of the TGA’s Advisory Committee on Medical Devices.

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