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Cancer Patient Population Projections in Australia

Welcome to the Cancer Patient Population Projections Dashboard, a data visualisation tool for exploring patient population projections for a range of cancer types in Australia, developed using the Daffodil Centre’s predictive platform, Policy1In this first release, projections focus on colorectal cancer, with incidence, mortality and prevalence estimates, as well as treatment and costs estimates, provided to the year 2043. In future releases, this tool will provide data for a range of cancer types, including cancer of the breast and lung, as well as melanoma, multiple myeloma, and cancers related to selected pan-tumour biomarkers.

These estimates are projections of cancer burden over the period 2023-2043. The reported outcomes are modelling estimates and projections based on available data and information as of 2023. New data, evolving understanding of cancer development, and new circumstances such as the introduction of new treatments may change estimates in the future.  

About the Project

The results have been generated using the Daffodil Centre’s Policy1 platform.

In order to predict the future burden of cancer, the Cancer Patient Population Projections (Cancer-PPP) Project has facilitated the development, or in some cases refinement, of standardised and adaptable mathematical models for a variety of cancer types, using the Daffodil Centre’s world renowned, extensively published and validated predictive platform, Policy1.


This research was conducted by the Daffodil Centre research team behind the Cancer-PPP Project, funded through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) – Preventive and Public Health Research Initiative – 2019 Targeted Health System and Community Organization Research Grant Opportunity.

We would like to thank our Investigator and Study Team.

Chief Investigators: Prof Karen Canfell, Dr Eleonora Feletto, A/Prof Marianne Weber, Dr Michael Caruana, Dr Phil Haywood, A/Prof Tracey-Lea Laba, Prof Kwun Fong, David Goldsbury, Dr Pietro Procopio, A/Prof Julia Steinberg.

Associate Investigators: Prof Anne Cust, Prof Ian Olver, Jeff Cuff, Dr Joachim Worthington, Prof John Zalcberg, Paul Grogan, Prof Robyn Ward, Dr Stephen Wade.

Study Team: Katherine Barron, Sam Egger, Dr Yoon-Jung Kang, Anna Kelly, Dr Qingwei Luo, Dr Kirstie McLoughlin, Dr Preston Ngo, Dr Lara Petelin, Sarsha Yap.

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For any questions about this research, please contact the Daffodil Centre at and your query will be directed to the Cancer-PPP Project Team.