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Dr Peter Sarich (PhD, MPH, BSc(Hons)) is a Research Fellow in the Lung Cancer Policy and Evaluation stream who specialises in cancer risk factors and prevention, with a particular focus on alcohol, tobacco and cancer epidemiology. His research on the relationship between alcohol consumption and cancer incidence and mortality has been published in scientific journals and widely disseminated in scientific conferences and mass-media. His other key contributions to research include leading a systematic review of changes in smoking behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic, estimates of smoking behaviours over time in Australia, quantifying risk factors for lung cancer other than tobacco smoking, methodological considerations for epidemiological studies of alcohol consumption, and epidemiological analyses of obesity, physical activity, and pharmaceutical opioid use. He also teaches cancer epidemiology and supervises Public Health Capstone research students at The University of Sydney School of Public Health. He is passionate about using epidemiology to further our understanding of the causes of cancer, ultimately contributing to the prevention of cancer as part of the cancer control continuum.

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