Dr Julia Steinberg’s programme of research leverages large-scale genetic, genomic, and epidemiological data to gain insights into human health and reduce the burden of disease. She leads a team of four researchers within the Research Methods Group.

Since completing her DPhil (PhD) in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at the University of Oxford, Julia has gained extensive experience in genetics and genomics, and is now working on the opportunities and challenges of integrating genomics into cancer control. Her research focus areas include the development and validation of genomic cancer risk prediction tools to enable risk-tailored cancer screening and early detection; and estimating the number of cancer patients with specific pan-tumour biomarkers (MSI-H/dMMR and NTRK gene fusions), who could potentially benefit from emerging targeted treatments.

To help integrate genomics into clinical practice, Julia is involved in a clinical implementation trial to improve testing for Lynch syndrome, an inherited predisposition to cancer.

In addition, to inform health system planning and prioritisation of interventions, Julia also uses statistical models to forecast the future burden of cancer, and collaborates on analyses of high-dimensional linked healthcare data to determine patterns and costs of cancer treatment, and pathways to cancer diagnosis. She also contributes her expertise to multiple national and international interdisciplinary collaborations.

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