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Associate Professor Julia Steinberg leads the Genomics and Precision Health stream of research. Her research programme aims to integrate individual and population-level genomic, sociodemographic, lifestyle, and medical information for successful precision health. A/Prof. Steinberg’s focus is on effectively and sustainably improving human health and reducing the burden of cancer.

Since completing her DPhil (PhD) in Genomic Medicine and Statistics at the University of Oxford, A/Prof. Steinberg has gained extensive experience in genetics and genomics. She co-leads the Australian Cancer Risk Study, a collaborative transdisciplinary program on genomic risk prediction and risk-tailored screening and early detection for the four most common cancers in Australia, funded by the Medical Research Future Fund. She also leads work to estimate the number of cancer patients with specific pan-tumour biomarkers (MSI-H/dMMR and NTRK gene fusions) to inform health system requirements for targeted treatment.

To help integrate genomics into clinical practice, A/Prof. Steinberg is involved in a clinical implementation trial to improve testing for Lynch syndrome, an inherited predisposition to cancer. Finally, she uses large-scale data to help understand the current gaps and inefficiencies in healthcare, identifying potential inequities and opportunities for tailored interventions to improve health outcomes.

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