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Dr Qingwei Luo’s research encompasses epidemiological studies, examining disparities in health outcomes, and developing statistical models to project future cancer burden. She has extensive experience in epidemiological research and the analysis of large scale health data, including cancer registry data, linked health and administrative data, and population-based survey data. Qingwei has led projects to investigate the risk of progression to metastatic prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, and to quantify rural-urban disparities in cancer outcomes.

Her current research focus is on statistical projections of cancer incidence and mortality. She has led research that projected lung cancer mortality in Australia and NSW for a range of potential future tobacco control scenarios, by developing and validating statistical models that incorporate past smoking data. Further work on projections of incidence and mortality rates for different cancers is ongoing, also including the development and validation of sophisticated cancer-specific models. Qingwei is also involved in a collaborative project aiming to incorporate statistical trends and projections into microsimulation models, and contributes her methodological expertise to a range of other projects at the Daffodil Centre.

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