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Sarsha Yap’s work focuses on the application of statistical methods to measure, understand and track the health of populations. Many of her projects leverage large-scale data from the  45 and Up Study, including questionnaires completed by the over 260,000 participants as well as linkage to routinely collected health data such as the NSW Cancer Registry, Admitted Patients Data Collection, Medicare Benefits Schedule, Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Emergency Department Data Collection, and death records. For example, Sarsha has led projects examining healthcare pathways to a cancer diagnosis and patterns of cancer care. Another project used the application of statistical weighting methods to improve the generalisability of prevalence estimates for key health characteristics from the 45 and Up Study cohort. Moreover, she is the data manager for the CLEAR Study. Sarsha also supports other researchers by providing advice on study design and statistical analyses. She has a keen interest in understanding the information in diverse and linked datasets, and in innovative statistical methods, to gain detailed insights on population health.