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Dr Yoon-Jung Kang completed a PhD in Epidemiology and has broad research experience in cancer epidemiology and cost-effectiveness evaluations in the context of cancer prevention and control. Over the last five years, Yoon has been working on Lynch syndrome, an inherited predisposition to colorectal, endometrial, and other cancers. She has led the evaluation of benefits, harms and cost-effectiveness of various testing and risk management strategies for Lynch syndrome. Further evaluations related to Lynch syndrome are in progress, including an in-depth comparison of many different surveillance approaches, and assessing the cost-effectiveness of implementation strategies to increase Lynch syndrome testing and referral practices in the health system.

Recently, Yoon has expanded her research to the area of genomics-guided cancer therapy, with the goal to estimate the number of cancer patients with specific pan-tumour biomarkers (dMMR/MSI-H/high TMB and NTRK gene fusions) that might indicate vulnerability to emerging targeted treatments.

Yoon has also contributed to a number of cost-effectiveness evaluations of cervical cancer and lung cancer screening, and is currently an active member of a melanoma modelling working group that aims to evaluate a potential national risk-stratified melanoma screening program in Australia.

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